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We distribute an extensive selection of MITSUBISHI FORKLIFT ALTERNATOR parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Mitsubishi Forklift Alternator

Mitsubishi forklift alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Electrical energy produced by the alternator could be used for a better forklift truck operation. Forklift alternators are nothing but an AC electrical power generator.


All the Mitsubishi forklift parts can be bought online. Mitsubishi provides genuine parts all across North America. Mitsubishi forklift users should always replace their older parts with a new genuine Mitsubishi part provided by the company. Mitsubishi has dealer networks wide spread across different states in the US, Canada etc. Factories can purchase genuine alternator units from these dealers or can also obtain them online from Solid Lift Parts, which is probably the easier option. Make payment using your credit card and have it delivered right at your factory. Wide range of products as well as secured payment method is offered in our website. Purchase the parts you need and replace those using professional operators.

Genuine Mitsubishi Alternators – Outcome

Mitsubishi alternators manufactured by the company would be of top quality. Fake or look alike alternators might do the work to a certain level for you, but they would not be as efficient as that of a Mitsubishi forklift alternator. Mitsubishi trucks should be run only using a Mitsubishi genuine alternator unit. Quality standards, loading limits etc. can be met by the factory owners only with the help of a genuine alternator unit. Factories and operators should never compromise on efficiency and quality.

Mitsubishi Alternator replacement guide

Forklift truck operators should perform maintenance or service or component replacement under highly safe environment and with precautions. Safety instructions that have to be followed by the operator are listed below:

  • Maintenance or service should be handled on the forklift truck by keeping it in an open environment. Never do it in a garage or a closed facility. Performing alternator replacement in a spacious and open environment is for safety reason.
  • Follow the industrial safety procedure before performing equipment replacement. Wear certified glass, gloves, helmet etc. which is a standard operating procedure.
  • Turn off the engine power completely. Battery points can be removed for safety.
  • Machine operator or the service mechanic should not be wearing any loose shirt or other jewelry because this might harm the ability to service properly and most importantly, if clothes or other valuables get stuck or tangled with the engine block, it might cause further damage.
  • Engine block should be cool enough to perform maintenance. Do not service or perform repairs when the engine is hot.
  • Proper tools should be used for alternator installation. Mitsubishi offers genuine tool box for all its forklift users.
  • Using improper tools for alternator installation would hamper the components’ functioning and can even damage the alternator unit.

Mitsubishi manufactured alternator units come with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty. Alternators purchased from the company would last longer and work efficiently. All the benefits obtained from a genuine part cannot be expected from a fake one.

Mitsubishi Forklift alternator – Working

Operating procedure of a Mitsubishi forklift alternator is discussed in detail as follows:

  • Alternator unit consists of a conductor. Conductor would be stationary and wound in coils.
  • Rotor, which is a rotating magnet, would revolve around the stationary conductor units.
  • Due to the rotating magnet, the magnetic field changes and as a result of it, an electric current gets induced in the conductor.
  • Coils would be located in an iron core, which is termed as stator.
  • Induced electro-magnetic field, which is commonly termed as EMF, would be generated as the magnetic field cuts across the conductors.
  • EMF would generate AC voltage in stator windings. Alternator unit would generally consist of 3 pairs of stator windings.
  • The 3 pairs of stator windings are completely meant for generating a 3-phase current, and these have a one-third of a period between each other.

Mitsubishi Forklift alternator – Problem resolution

Forklift truck operators should be professionally qualified. They should be able to find out the problems with the trucks instantly and should also be able to resolve the problems efficiently. If the operator does not have experience regarding the service procedures, then it might lead to forklift damage or loss in the future. If service and maintenance is not handled properly, it would lead to truck damage in the long run. Forklift operators should make sure to follow the safety procedures discussed above.


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