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We distribute an extensive selection of MITSUBISHI FORKLIFT BRAKE SHOES parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Mitsubishi Forklift Brake Shoes

Mitsubishi Forklift Brake Shoes are responsible for bringing the truck to a halt whenever required. It is one of the most important components of all Mitsubishi forklift trucks. Original Mitsubishi forklift brake shoes can be purchased online from our website, Solid Lift Parts. Brakes should be examined periodically for any wear and tear. Just like with any other automobile, brake shoes are the parts that are bought the most by forklift users.

Braking Unit

Braking unit of a Mitsubishi forklift truck consists of various units. All these units should work in harmony in order to establish a proper braking force. These parts include brake drums, brake shoes, brake pads, wheel cylinder, calipers, park brake assembly, park brake handle, brake adjuster, brake adjuster kit, brake line adjuster, brake adjuster actuator spring, brake discs, brake pedals and brake pedal pads. Of all these units, brake shoes and brake drums are two of the most important components. Brake shoes and brake drums get replaced often and this is mainly due to the fact that these two components face frictional force mostly, which could explain the wear and tear.

Braking components differ from one Mitsubishi forklift truck model to another. This applies to brake shoes and brake drums too. Usually, brake shoe dimensions would differ depending upon the lifting capacity of the forklift truck. Brake shoes of a Mitsubishi forklift truck that has higher lifting limit would have a slightly larger dimension compared to that with a lower weight lifting limit. Dimensions of the brake shoes are wider in order to accommodate the additional frictional force that would affect the braking unit.

Mitsubishi Forklift Brake Shoes – Find the right product

Forklift operators should know the dimensions of the brake shoes used in their forklift trucks. There would be difference in the front and rear brake dimensions too. Brake drums and Brake discs can be found in every single forklift model, with brake drums used in the rear and discs used in the front. Certain models come with discs both in front and rear, whereas in certain other models, drum brakes can be found in both front and rear. Brake shoes accompanying a disc setup would be different to that of a drum setup.

Forklift operators can find new, aftermarket and even remanufactured products for their forklift trucks. All these products would do the job for you, with genuine Mitsubishi manufactured brake shoes providing a stable braking mechanism. Company manufactured brake shoes come with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty. Quality brake shoes would provide long life, better braking, and support overall safety.

Brake shoe – Braking force

When the forklift operator intends to bring the forklift truck to a halt, he or she would press the brake pedal. When the brake pedal is pressed, energy would be exchanged between brake fluid and brake barrels, which would in turn push the brake shoes outward. Brake shoes would come in contact with the brake drums, and due to friction force exerted, the forklift would come to a halt. Any problem with the braking components would result in brake failure, which would cause major damage to the operator, equipments and the factory. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the forklift truck by running regular checkups.

Brake Shoe maintenance

Mitsubishi forklift brake shoes should be maintained properly in order to prevent the occurrence of brake failure. Braking mechanism is important for the successful operation of a forklift truck. Brakes help the truck to be stable and planted. Mitsubishi forklift truck might not stop if the brake shoes are worn. The truck operator should check for any contamination, dust or other particles that might be settled in the brake system. Periodic checkups would result in lowering the service costs and improve safety considerably.

If the brakes are worn out or producing sound or are braking after quite a distance, then the operator should check the braking unit. Brake shoes and drums should be the first place to look at.

Brake shoe – Generating longer life

Forklift operators should avoid making forced braking and should always try to make soft breaking at all times. Applying sudden brakes unnecessarily would reduce the life of the brake shoes. Regular maintenance of brake shoe would improve its life time. Keep the brake compartment clean at all times, which should keep contamination away. In case of brake shoe damage, replace it with a new genuine Mitsubishi forklift brake shoes rather than opting for an inexpensive duplicate product. Aftermarket and remanufactured Mitsubishi products would also do justice for long term usage.


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