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We distribute an extensive selection of MITSUBISHI FORKLIFT STARTER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Mitsubishi Forklift Starter

Mitsubishi forklift trucks have a decent market share in the field of heavy machinery. Mitsubishi products are used in many factories in the US. Their products are reliable and efficient and that is the main reason why industries use Mitsubishi forklift trucks and other products.

Mitsubishi starter specification

Standard Mitsubishi forklift starter motor would be a 12V, 1.4 kW for an LPG engine, and for a diesel powered forklift truck, it would be a 12V, 3.0 kW motor. Starter specifications might be different from one engine model to another.

Starter motor includes winding, brush holder, spring loaded brush set, bearing, commutator end bracket, drive assembly, central cover, amature, drive end bracket, starter switch, engaging lever, pinion set, bracket assy front, lever assy, contactor, shaft assy, clutch set, yoke assy, rear flange, brush and fixing parts set. All these parts together make the starter motor assembly. If any of these parts wear out or get damaged due to extensive operation, then the starter motor would not operate properly.

Mitsubishi forklift starter - Operation

  • Forklift starter motor is nothing but an electric motor.
  • Electric motor unit can either have a solenoid or a permanent magnet unit connected to it. It would be wound in a series – parallel manner.
  • Starter motor would work in the following sequence: when the current from the starting battery is sent to the solenoid or permanent magnet compositions, the solenoid pushes the lever. Lever, which is attached to the driver pinion, would be pushed as a result of this. Driver pinion, being located in the driveshaft gets meshed by means of a starter ring gear, which would be located in the engine flywheel.
  • Now, as the engine starts to run, the solenoid would pull the high current contact from the starter motor.
  • The current to the solenoid is passed on through the starter battery. By closing the switch, the spring located in the solenoid would pull the pinion gear. Now, the ring gear and the pinion gear would be detached from one another. Starter motor would be stopped as a result.
  • Starter motor’s pinion is attached to the driveshaft by means of an over running clutch. As a result of this, the drive would be transmitted by the pinion only in one direction.
  • Drive is transferred to the flywheel ring gear by the pinion.
  • Pinion engagement is continuous and this acts as a precautionary. If the spring attached to the solenoid remains engaged due to short or the forklift operator does not release the key even after the engine has started. This continuous engagement causes the pinion to rotate separately. Engine would not drive the starter motor as a result of this action.
  • If the engine drives the starter motor back, then the starter motor would fly apart, which is a dangerous situation.
  • Starter motor in its ideal operation would be mostly used for intermittent firing and would never be used as a generator. Certain hybrid mechanisms use the starter motor as a generator.
  • Electrical components of the starter motor should not be fired for more than 30 seconds or else it would lead to overheating of the system.
  • All the electrical parts are manufactured keeping cost and weight reduction in mind. Overheating may be caused in the system due to slow heat dissipation.
  • If the engine does not start after cranking it for 15 to 20 seconds, it is recommended to give the system a rest for at least 10 to 20 seconds. This recommendation is given to the operators mainly to prevent the system from overheating.

Mitsubishi starter motor parts

Mitsubishi provides service assistance for all of its truck owners. The company offers their factory manufactured original parts online and also using authorized dealer networks all across the country. Forklift truck operator should maintain the starter unit regularly. If the engine does not start, then the operator should examine the starter assembly and check for any issues. If there is any contamination or flaw in the windings or supporting parts, the operator should remove that particular part using original tools provided by the forklift truck company. Clean the part and examine whether they need service or replacement. If any part has to be replaced, the operator or the factory management should not hesitate to replace it.

Use quality and genuine products at all times. Forklift truck owners can buy genuine parts from Solid Lift Parts. All the products come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. Qualified forklift operator should be used by the factories to service, maintain and replace the parts of their Mitsubishi forklift trucks.


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