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Remanufactured/Rebuilt Remanufactured Rebuilt Forklift Alternator

We distribute an extensive selection of Remanufactured/Rebuilt Remanufactured Rebuilt Forklift Alternator assemblies all makes and models.
We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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As the name suggests, Remanufactured and/or Rebuilt Alternators are alternators that are put together with new and replaced components. Essentially, remanufactured or rebuilt alternators are equally as well functioning as its aftermarket or OEM counterparts. Its replacement components such as electrical or mechanical components are almost brand new. Also, the components are quality assured, through vigorous testing, before they are sent to its end users. On a positive note, the remanufactured and rebuilt alternators are the more inexpensive alternative to its counterparts, while providing the same functions.


Alternators are the main source for current in the forklift. It not only supplies current for the engine components, it also acts as a power supplier for the forklift accessories. When the current of the electrical components is below the alternator’s output, the alternator is the main source of power. When the output is exceeded, the battery provides the power as backup, allowing extra current to ensure balance in the system.

Alternators can fail over time, due to wear and age. As the alternators become weaker, batteries become overworked to compensate the lost power. Determining if the alternator has problems can be done in various methods.


  • To determine if the bearings in the alternator or the alternator pulley is failing, listen for any squeaks, squealing, or grinding noises from the alternator when the forklift is turned on and the engine is running.
  • If the forklift is equipped with a voltage gauge, while having the engine running, turn on all electrical accessories: fan, lights, radio, etc. Then, observe the gauge to see if the voltage is below the range considered normal. If it does fall below, then the alternator has become too weak to provide the necessary output.
  • If the alternator is hot to the touch and overheated when the engine is turned off, then the insulation or the bearings of the alternator are having issues.


Once the alternator is deemed unfit for use, it should be replaced immediately. Brand new alternators are expensive. Whereas, for the lesser priced, remanufactured and rebuilt alternators are almost of the same quality with the same functions. Solid Lift Parts Inc. provide remanufactured and rebuilt alternators at inexpensive prices for a wide array of makes and models. Contact your parts specialist now!




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