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Remanufactured/Rebuilt Remanufactured Rebuilt Forklift Transmission

We distribute an extensive selection of Remanufactured/Rebuilt Remanufactured Rebuilt Forklift Transmission assemblies all makes and models.
We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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Remanufactured and Rebuilt Forklift Transmissions are transmissions that are made up of components that are new and old. When a transmission is faulty, they are disassembled and each component is cleaned and assessed. Once the faulty component is identified, it is removed and replaced with a brand new component. After vigorous testing to ensure quality, the transmission is reassembled and tested again for functionality. Henceforth, remanufactured and rebuilt forklift transmissions function as well as the aftermarket or OEM parts. As a plus, they are a lot more affordable.


Forklift transmission is an essential component in transmitting the engine power to the wheels. It enables the rotation of the engine to match with the wheel rotations. The transmission is constructed with multiple components such as the torque converter, planetary gear set, and computer sensors. The torque converter is made up of three parts: the turbine, the pump, and the stator. It allows the engine to be continually functional during the times when the forklift is not moving.  Planetary gear set consists of gears of varying sizes, where the smaller gears rotate around the larger, centric gear like a planetary orbit. Finally, the computer sensors manages the gear shifting process by monitoring the forklift’s speed, engine load and the position of the pedal.


Evidently, transmission make-up consists of numerous parts with varying roles. When the transmission parts are problematic, it does not require brand new parts. Often, remanufactured or rebuilt transmission parts are perfect replacements because they are more inexpensive than their counterparts, while providing the same functions. Solid Lift Parts Inc. provide a wide range of remanufactured or rebuilt transmission parts. Contact your parts specialist today to find you the perfect remanufactured or rebuilt transmission parts for your specific forklift, at affordable prices!


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