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We distribute an extensive selection of TOYOTA FORKLIFT SEAL KITS parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Toyota Forklift Seal Kits

Hydraulic functions are usually very demanding for seals. It is a device that prevents the leakage or escape of fluids, and a hydraulic seal seals two surfaces in varying pressure conditions. In addition to preventing brake fluid leakage from the cylinder, hydraulic seals should also be capable of enduring extreme temperatures, pivoting forces, and high pressures. This guide is to help you select the right seal for your hydraulic application.

A blend of distinct seals is used to seal hydraulic systems. These include hydraulic piston seals and hydraulic rod seals. While the former type prevents fluid leakage from the cylinder to the exterior parts, the latter type prevents the flow of fluid in the cylinder head. These days, hydraulic systems, and their components, are available in different forms and sizes based on their functions. Whatever your operation, the Toyota forklift hydraulic seal kit you choose should provide you:

  • Reduced fluid leakage.
  • Flawless system performance.
  • Trouble-free and long operating life.
  • Low friction transference.

Types of Hydraulic Seals

  • Wiper seal: This seal is used where the entry of contaminants like water, dirt or dust must be prevented. Wiper seals are of two types: Press-in and Snap-in. Press-in seals can be single lip, which cleans the retracting rod, or double lip, cleans the retracting rod and seals oil, preventing cosmetic leakage (or weeping). Snap-in wiper seals are used in relatively moderate environments and lighter hydraulic operations.
  • Gland or rod seal: This seals the retracting ram or rod. The prime rod seal is the U-cup, made of nitrile or urethane. Usually, a backup ring accompanies the U-cup, and it restrains the seal from thrusting.
  • Buffer seal: Secondary rod seal; guards the rod from unexpected elevation of system pressure.
  • Bearing strips: Support the ram or piston under loads.
  • Head seal: Comprising of a backup ring and an O ring, this is a two piece seal and seals the system’s head to the cylinder wall.
  • Piston seal: Seals the cylinder bore and retracting piston, preventing oil flow.

Seal Selection

Following steps will help you select the right seal for your operations:

  • Function of the seal: Select one of the above mentioned seals based on their applications.
  • Sealing technique: Based on your application, you can choose from single lip, double lip, or multi lip hydraulic sealing. You can alter your seal selection by taking into account the required sealing technique.
  • Working specifications: You should also consider your application’s maximum pressure level and the temperature in which the seal will be used. Retracting speed is another factor to be considered. Some of your applications may require relatively higher speeds than your choice of seal, in which case you can consult a professional.
  • Material compatibility: Check the chemical compatibility of the chosen seal’s material with your system.
  • Size: Your choice of seal should be of the right size. Also check the housing, gland, and rod’s condition before deciding the size.

Solid Lift Parts has a wide inventory of best Toyota forklift hydraulic seal kits. You can have it delivered right at your doorstep.


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