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We distribute an extensive selection of TOYOTA FORKLIFT STARTER parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Toyota Forklift Starter



One of the most important and tedious tasks when it comes to forklift parts is troubleshooting. In this article, we are going to have a look at how to troubleshoot, remove and install the starter from your Toyota lift trucks.

Toyota has been operating in the materials handling industry in North America for more than 45 years now. In addition to providing world class lift trucks for sale, the company also makes sure that its customers are always equipped with genuine Toyota parts and accessories. Hence, Toyota manufactures its forklift parts at its facility located in Columbus, Indiana, and supplies it all around North America. Solid Lift Parts is one genuine seller of all Toyota parts and accessories.


If you have a test bench, then you can simply follow the instructions given in the tester’s manual to perform starter testing. This test will help you find out about the starter’s operating condition, so you do not have to replace it unnecessarily. If the results of this test show that your Toyota forklift starter’s performance is as efficient as required, you should look into other areas of the lift truck starting system to see what has affected the starting circuit’s functioning. You can refer to Toyota’s service manual for the ways to examine and rectify starting circuit issues, if any.

But if the test bench results are otherwise, you will have to replace the Toyota forklift starter. If the bench test reveals a defect in the starter solenoid, then you can just replace the solenoid alone. Whether you need a starter solenoid or an OEM or remanufactured starter to replace the defective one in your Toyota forklift, Solid Lift Parts is the right place to access.

Here are some more tips you would find helpful:

  • If the Toyota forklift starter runs the engine very slowly;

o   Check if the lift truck battery has full charge and if its terminals and cables are tight.

o   Enormous viscosity of engine oil, specifically during cold weather, will make it difficult for the engine to spin. This impediment will be transferred to the starter when it is engaged, bringing down its performance efficiency.

o   Alterations in the engine will have an impact on its operating features, which will in turn affect the starter. In such cases, you will have to replace the starter with a one that will perform best with the engine’s new changes.

  • If the Toyota forklift starter runs without cranking the engine;

o   Check the flex plate or flywheel for damage or wear. This can be performed with an inspection plate or using the mounting port of the starter.

o   Check if the starter is installed correctly. Even an incorrectly installed starter can cause this issue.

  • If the Toyota forklift starting system clicks when turned on;

o   This may be because of insufficient voltage received by the starter solenoid. Inspect the starting circuit for loose, corroded, dirty or damaged connections.

o   If this continues even after the solenoid receives necessary voltage, it can be because of scorched contacts. Examine the solenoid by following Toyota’s instructions from its forklift service manual.

o   Also inspect the lift truck’s battery voltage, and replace or recharge it if required.

  • If you hear a clattering noise when running the engine;

o   This can be because of a damaged flex plate or flywheel; so, examine it thoroughly for roundness balance, dents, cracks, etc.

o   Check if the battery is charged fully and all the connections, both terminals and cables, are tight and in proper working condition.

o   Wear in the starter and a defective starter solenoid can also be causes for the clattering noise. Inspect both these components by following the instructions in Toyota’s service manual.

Toyota Forklift Starter Removal

  • Detach the negative terminal of the Toyota forklift battery cable. Skipping this step may damage the lift truck or its components and may also cause personal injury.
  • Distinguish and note down the location of every single wire connection on the starter.
  • Detach the positive terminal from the solenoid or starter motor.
  • Detach wiring of the control circuit from the solenoid.
  • Unscrew, but do not remove, the mounting bolts of the starter.
  • Hold the starter with proper support and then remove the loosened bolts.
  • Check all the teeth of the flex plate or flywheel.

Toyota Forklift Starter

Toyota Forklift Starter Installation

  • If you are replacing your Toyota forklift’s starter with a new one, first compare the locations of wire connectors, drain lube, mounting hole, the case, mounting offsets, and all relevant features of both the starters.
  • Hold the starter with proper support and fix it in its position. Connect the bolts as specified in the Toyota forklift service manual.
  • Restore the control circuit’s wiring connections to their respective places in the starter solenoid. Make sure that the connections do not impede with other starter components, and connect all fasteners in place.
  • Attach the positive terminal of the battery to the starter solenoid or motor, and connect all fasteners in place as per the instructions given in Toyota forklift service manual.
  • Reexamine if all connections are properly made, all fasteners are tightened, and all starter components are in place.
  • Attach the negative terminal of the battery. Connect all fasteners in place.
  • Test run the starter.

Solid Lift Parts is one of the market leaders in providing OEM, remanufactured and aftermarket parts for all models of Toyota forklift and aerial lift trucks. Contact us to have your Toyota forklift parts needs met with.


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