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We distribute an extensive selection of TOYOTA FORKLIFT STEERING AXLE parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Toyota Forklift Steering Axle

Toyota Forklift Steering Axle

Table of Content

  1. Summary
  2. How Counterbalance Toyota Forklift Steering Axle Assemblies Work
  3. Toyota Forklift Steer Axle Main Functions
  4. Major Toyota Forklift Steering Axle Parts
  5. Common Steering Axle Problems
  6. Choosing The Right Toyota Forklift Steer Axle
  7. When Get a New Toyota Forklift Steering Axle
  8. The Easier Way To Get One Or More Toyota Forklift Steer Axles


Discover the faster and easiest way to purchase a Toyota forklift steer axle. At Solid Lift Parts, we are well aware that finding the right steering axle can be overwhelming. That's why we want to give you the basic tools to tackle this task without issues. If this is your first time looking for a steering axle for your Toyota lift truck and you aren't quite sure where to start, in the next lines, we will turn on the most relevant information about these components and the key points to choose a good replacement.

How Counterbalance Toyota Forklift Steering Axle Assemblies Work


The steering axles allow drivers to steer their vehicle wheels in the desired direction while driving.

The steering axle comes into action the instant the steering wheel it's turned. In the case of Toyota lift trucks, this turning movement unlocks a series of hydraulic valves that activate the hydraulic cylinder mounted on the Toyota forklift steer axle body. 

Once the steering cylinder extends its rod, the vehicle's entire steering mechanism is in motion. The rear wheels will turn accordingly depending on which direction you move the steering wheel.

Toyota Forklift Steer Axle Main Functions


The Toyota forklift steer axle body is the component to which the rest of the vehicle's rear steering axle parts are attached to. That's why it's usually the most robust component of the assembly. However, this isn't all; here are other important functions that carry out:

  • They allow rear wheels to have a wide range of rotation. Toyota forklift steer axle bodies allow different rotating angles depending on their design and application. For example, you could find a Toyota forklift steer axle with a maximum internal rotation of 53° and a maximum external rotation of 76°, which are great for maneuvering in narrow aisles.
  • Helps with weight distribution. Counterbalanced forklift models have a three-point suspension system, meaning they support and distribute their weight on the two front wheels and the center of the steer axle. 
  • Provide stability. Your Toyota forklift steer axle is directly related to what is known as the truck's "stability triangle." As long as the truck's center of gravity falls within this triangular formation between the front wheels and the center of the steer axle, it is safe to move their loads.
  • Absorb and dissipate a good amount of impacts. Thanks to its shape and assembly configuration, a Toyota forklift steer axle can easily absorb many impacts when the truck drives over rough terrain.
  • Slow tires wear. When a Toyota forklift steering axle assembly is in good shape, it allows uniform wear of the rear tires.

Major Toyota Forklift Steering Axle Parts


A Toyota forklift steering axle is not a single element; it is made up of several parts that work together to turn the truck's rear wheels. The following are the main parts that make up the steering axle of a Toyota forklift:

Steer Axle

It's the most recognizable component of the whole assembly. On the Toyota forklift steer axle body is where the rest of the rear steering parts are mounted. These robust metal components are made of SAE steel alloys, making them highly resistant to bending and impact.

Steering Cylinder

The steering cylinder is responsible for producing the lateral movement used to turn the truck's rear wheels. It's a double-acting hydraulic cylinder that is activated when hydraulic fluid is pumping into its chambers. The hydraulic pressure differential between its two chambers allows the cylinder rod to move to one side or another.

Steering Linkages

The steering linkages are the elements that join the ends of the hydraulic cylinder rod with each steering knuckle. These parts transform the lateral movement produced by the steering cylinder into an angular movement used to turn the rear wheels. 

Steering Knuckles

It is the parts of the steering system to which the wheel hub and brake drum are attached. Thanks to this part, both rear wheels turn when the steering wheel it's turned. It's made of cast steel with several compositional elements that improve its mechanical properties. 

Pine, Nuts, Seals, And Washers

The Toyota forklift steering axle assemblies use pins, nuts, seals, and washers to hold everything in place. These components are the most sensitive to wear. But, with a proper maintenance schedule, it will be easy to know when some of them need to be replaced.

Common Steering Axle Problems

Toyota forklift steer axle bodies do not wear easily. Most problems associated with a Toyota steer axle are due to poor operations and bad maintenance practices. Loading the truck beyond its weight capacity will inevitably lead to serious steering axle problems. Therefore, it will be useful for you to learn how to recognize the main issues associated with a bad Toyota forklift steering axle assembly.

  1. Misaligned wheels. 
  2. Irregular wear on rear tires.
  3. Leaks on the steering system.
  4. Rear steering parts wear.

If the level of failure is manageable and detected in time, you could simply replace the faulty components with new ones. But if it's beyond repair or you just want to cover your back, it's better to replace the whole assembly.

Choosing The Right Toyota Forklift Steer Axle

Before buying a new Toyota forklift steering axle, first, ensure you know how to choose it. Not all Toyota forklift models rely on the same steer axle model. When choosing one of these pieces, you must consider several features. These are our main suggestions:

  • Check the maximum load capacity. 
  • Pay attention to its weight.
  • The maximum internal and external rotary angles. 
  • The distance from knuckles to pin centers.
  • The circular inner hole installation side.
  • Hole distance of the cylinder piston rod mounting.
  • Bolt circle diameters.
  • Circular inner hole size.
  • Hole numbers - bolt diameter.

A good way to save most of this process is by knowing the part number corresponding to the steering axle of your Toyota forklift. If you don't have it, it's okay; Solid Lift Parts can help you out. With a couple of details regarding your Toyota forklift model, we'll do our best to find the best replacement steering axle.

When Get a New Toyota Forklift Steering Axle


Some situations demand more than mere part changes. When your Toyota forklift's steer axle problems are beyond repair, or its associated costs aren't worth it, you're better off opting for a new assembly. If your Toyota forklift exhibits one or more of these symptoms, it most likely you have to buy a new steering axle assembly.

  • High vibrations while driving.
  • Squeaky noises when turning.
  • Cracks on the main steer axle body.
  • Holes went open beyond repair.
  • The steer axle moves freely.

You can dodge most of these symptoms by simply using your truck within its designed working range and following a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule. So if you get a new Toyota forklift steer axle, follow this suggestion to avoid costly replacement in the future. 

Here is a simple example of a bad Toyota steering axle that needs to be replaced:

The Easier Way To Get One Or More Toyota Forklift Steer Axles

The easiest and simplest way to purchase a replacement Toyota forklift steer axle is through Solid Lift Parts. We offer you the chance to buy a Toyota forklift steering axle at an affordable price without setbacks.

Once your order is placed, you won't have to wait too long. Solid Lift Parts count with an excellent shipping service that will deliver your replacement setting axle in no time. 

We have a wide range of Toyota forklift steer axle models available, both new and used. Therefore, your chances of getting the Toyota steer axle model you're looking for are better with us. Call our staff today at 1-800-210-8170, and let's find out!

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