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We distribute an extensive selection of CLARK FORKLIFT RELAY parts for all makes and models. We ship directly from various warehouses located all over North America to provide the fastest shipping at the most affordable prices.

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 Clark Forklift Relay

Clark Forklift Relays For Sale

Relays are electromechanical switches responsible for starting up certain devices when receiving a specific electrical signal. In the case of Clark forklifts, we can find 4 pin relay and 5 pin relay assembly types inside the black box near the battery, in which we can also observe the fuse set.

These small components are crucial to the proper functioning of your Clark forklift devices, like its water pump, fuel system, starter motor, etc. Therefore, an easy way to ensure good and long truck performance is to replace them before they show the first signs of wear.

At Solid Lift Parts, we have a great collection of Clark forklift relay assemblies to choose from. Whether you need a 4 pin relay or a new 5 pin relay, we've got you covered. Each Clark forklift relay for sale in our stock is a premium quality electromechanical switch that has been manufactured from the strongest and most long lasting materials.



So don't let this opportunity pass you by. You don't have to compromise your Clark lift truck by using second hand relays. Get every relay switch your Clark forklift needs to continue operating at its highest efficiency peak. Contact our staff today and place your order.

Symptoms of a Bad Relay

In order to recognize a bit better the most common symptoms associated with a faulty relay, we must first understand how they are made up and how they work. Most 4 pin relay and 5 pin relay assemblies that we can find in Clark forklifts are of the coil type, which activates their contractors when they receive certain electrical signals.

The coil must be excited by a small amount of current. Usually, a low voltage is used for this (a 4 pin relay of 12 V is a great example.) This coil section of the circuit is known as the controller circuit.

Its contactor section is the secondary circuit of a typical Clark forklift relay. The current that starts up the controlled component will pass through this section when the coil is energized. This part depends on how many amps the lit truck relay can handle. An example would be the 30 amps that a 5 pin relay type can manage.



Taking all these into account, we can summarize the typical failures of a defective relay:

  1. The Clark forklift relay doesn't activate its controlled component.
  2. The faulty truck relay doesn't disconnect its related part when it should.
  3. The device controlled by one of your Clark lift truck relays turns on and off erratically.

If you are facing any of these symptoms, then you will need quality replacement Clark forklift relays. Contact our staff; they will help you find out any relay your Clark lift truck needs to keep operating at its peak performance.

Probably Your Clark Forklift’s Relay Goes Bad For This Reason

There are many factors involved in the wear and tear of a relay. But in the case of 4 pin relay and 5 pin relay assemblies for Clark forklifts, the most frequently malfunctioning cause we find is that they simply fulfill their designed lifespan.

Test Your Clark Forklift’s Relay Before Throw It Away

If you have a pair of 4 pin relay or 5 pin relay assemblies you think are malfunctioning, don't throw it away so easily. It is possible they aren't the source of the problem. The good news is these devices are easy to test. With a couple of simple everyday-life tools, you could know if you need to buy a new set of Clark forklift relay assemblies in a few minutes.



Tools you'll need to perform this test properly:

  1. Your Clark forklift battery. (Make sure it's fully charged.)
  2. A pair of wires to connect to the battery. (Preferably with crocodile clips for a better grip.)
  3. A good and reliable tester. You have one of these to check continuity and resistance.

Here's what you're going to do and what you want to find:

  • Ensure your Clark lift truck is off before doing anything. Connect the wires to your truck's battery.
  • Now take a look at your 4 pin relay. It should have a series of numbers in each of them, 85, 86, 87, and 30, respectively. If it is a 5 pin relay, it will have an additional 87a.



  • Pins 85 and 86 activate the coil. Connect each pin to one pole of the battery (It doesn't matter their polarity.) If you hear a click sound when it closes the circuit, the contactor is making contact, which is a good sign.
  • If your pins are not identified, checking their positions is a great way to do it. 85 and 86 tend to be parallel to each other, while 87 and 30 tend to have a perpendicular arrangement between each other.
  • Use your tester to check relay resistance. It must have a value of 50 to 200 ohms between 85 and 86. If, instead, you see an OL signal (open line), it means your 4 pin relay coil is damaged.



  • If everything looks good between pins 85 and 86, now we have to check pins 87 and 30. When these two are at rest (its coil is not excited), there should not be continuity between them.
  • Now connect your battery to pins 85 and 86, and check if you can read any resistance between 87 and 30. Plus, 87 and 30 pins should have continuity when everything works well.

This procedure is also valid for a 5 pin relay. You only have to know that in a rest position, there must be continuity between pins 87a and 30. 

If the relay does not behave as it should, then it must be replaced. On the contrary, if your relays work properly, the problem source is another. Their sockets may be dirty or broken. For these cases, you should take your Clark forklift checked by a specialist.

Check it out this video for more insights:



Choosing The Right Relay For Your Clark Lift Truck

Here are the factors and parameters to consider when choosing a new replacement relay for your Clark forklift:

  1. Its operational circuit. In most cases, we usually find open or normally closed relays. For example, you can have a higher-quality 4 pin relay, but if it doesn't share the same functionality as the one you want to replace, it won't do any good.
  2. The coil volt load. Is it a 12 Volt or a 24 Volt coil relay? This is important because a 12V relay won't have the same response in a 24 Volt environment as appropriate 24V relay switches.
  3. Ensure your new Clark forklift relay can handle the same or a higher amp load capacity. Depending on which device your relay controls, it could manage a 10, 20, 30, or even a 40 amp load capacity.

These parameters are important, especially if you're looking for an aftermarket equivalent. If you have the part number corresponding to the relay you want to replace, you can provide it to our staff. They will find you a suitable replacement that meets the characteristics you need, whether it is a 4 pin relay or a 5 pin you're looking for.

Why Buy Your New Clark Forklift Relay At Solid Lift Parts

If it's your first time here at Solid Lift Parts, it is normal for you to wonder what we can offer you. Although nothing can replace a firsthand experience, here are some reasons why you should buy your new Clark forklift relays from us.

You'll get the right relay for your Clark forklift model

At Solid Lift Parts we value your time. That is why we do not want you to get lost in endless catalogs trying to find the right replacement relay for your Clark lift truck. We have a large database at our disposal with all required information. Whether you're looking for an OEM or aftermarket replacement relay we'll quickly find it for you.

Unbeatable prices

We have a wide network of suppliers at our disposal, so we can access the market's best prices. You will hardly find better offers than ours anywhere else.

Fast shipping

We have a wide network of warehouses strategically located throughout the United States. So we can ship your order in record time. Do not wait any longer, and place your order today. When it comes to forklift spare parts, Solid Lift Parts is your best ally.

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